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Failure Analysis

  • Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting

  • Site Examination

  • Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Control

  • Corrosion Examination


Materials & Processes Engineering

  • Conventional and Advanced Materials

  • Heat Treatments and Welding Procedures

  • Corrosion Control, Plating and Coatings

  • Manufacturing Technologies: Forming, Machining


Laboratory Testing & Quality Control

  • Metallographic Examinations

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Energy Dispersive x-ray Spectroscopy

  • Corrosion Testing and Stress Durability

  • Welders Qualifications Tests

  • Hardness Tests and Mechanical Properties

  • Fabrication and/or Procurement of Test Samples


FALCONMET ENGINEERING & LABORATORIES Inc. can, in association with other companies, provide multi-disciplinary expertise in laboratory testing and engineering sciences, such as: Complete Chemical Characterization, Fatigue Testing, Tensile and Impact Testing, Mechanical Design, Stress Analysis, Dynamics and Vibrations, Reliability and Maintainability and many others. All our reports provide complete services combining the interpretation of laboratory results with engineering requirements.

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