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Past Cases

Falconmet has had the privilege of participating in a wide variety of cases involving stakeholders from private individuals to aerospace companies. Some notable examples are listed below:

- We were retained to deliver expert witness testimony in a case involving the fatal collapse of an improperly welded scaffolding platform in Toronto.

- We investigated the unexpected corrosion and other issues of a municipal pumping station and delivered expert witness testimony.

- We discovered the presence of zinc whiskers in a large datacenter during cleaning and investigated the source. We found subfloor hardware that was improperly coated and prepared multiple technical reports detailing our findings to assist our client in pursuing restitution.

- We participated in an international tribunal, delivering expert witness testimony for a case involving the corrosion of multiple aircraft fuselages.

- We routinely serve local forensic engineering companies by providing our Material Science expertise or by hosting joint examinations of failed components for multiple stakeholders.

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