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We Provide Support to:

  • Forensic engineering and Insurance companies

  • Law firms and litigation support

  • General manufacturing and plating shops

  • Aerospace and Defense

  • Thermal plants and land based gas turbines users

  • Naval and ground transportation companies

  • Petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry

  • Health and safety

  • Airlines & airports

  • Government departments & agencies

Examples of Failure Analysis Services:

  • Aircraft and gas-turbines components

  • Automotive parts and other debris removed from fires, explosions, accidents

  • Broken glass and ceramic products

  • Corrosion failures including orthopedic implants

  • Damaged axles, shafts, bearings and gears

  • Damaged welds and other joining

  • Failed cables, wires, bolts, fasteners and nuts

  • Failed boilers, heat exchangers and pumps

  • Substandard plated components

  • Particles, fibers and whiskers

  • Substandard raw materials, forging and casting

  • Taps, valves and other defective plumbing


Materials Engineering:

We have extensive experience in selecting the most appropriate metallic and non-metallic materials and processes for your application including:

  • Iron and Steel

  • Non-ferrous materials including super alloys

  • Heat treatment and case hardening treatments (carburizing, nitriding, etc)

  • Welding procedures development and qualifications

  • Recommendations for corrective action in cases of non-conformance or failure

  • Selection and evaluation of specific materials and processes suitable for your system design, including processes and testing protocols for plastics and composite materials (carbon fiber, fiberglass, metallic fiber composites, etc)

  • Development and monitoring programs for technology evaluation

Laboratory Testing & Quality Control:

  • We follow industry accepted methods and procedures such as ASTM, SAE, AMS, DIN, SACMA, etc. as well as specific procedures developed by our clients.

  • We have also developed custom testing procedures to address special requirements.

  • We also provide guidance to clients who may not be knowledgeable as to which testing procedure best suits their requirements.

Common Testing Services:

  • Metallography of wrought steel, castings, forgings

  • Heat treatment evaluation, carburizing and nitriding

  • Metallography of stainless steel and super alloys

  • Metallography of aluminum products

  • Hydrogen pick-up, eutectic melting, clad diffusion

  • Examination of surface treatments

  • Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)

  • Susceptibility to intergranular Corrosion (STIC)

  • Coatings thickness measurment

  • Hardness and microhardness

  • Stress Durability (Hydrogen Embrittlement Test)

  • Surface defects: "Orange Peel", Ludder lines

  • Examination of fasteners

  • Examination of welds and welders qualifications

  • Air Contamination and Particle/Fibre Identification

  • Whiskers Control

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